Frontier Ville Cheats - Super Gifts Cheat

Download required files [ sharecash | upload | megaupload ] // choose your preferred download link

  • download the pdf file above. You will need a pdf reader to open it. [Adobe Free PDF reader]
  • Cheat Engine
  • Firefox

Steps for FrontierVille Cheats:
  • Just download the PDF file through any of the links provided and follow the steps accordingly.
  • Do NOT miss out any of the steps stated in the PDF file or it may not work for you.

Zynga Cheats // Farmville, Mafia Wars, Petville, Yoville Lottery Cheat

Zynga has come out with a Lottery Site for all their games. You stand to win collectible items from all their popular game.

Register an account with Zynga's Lottery Site first [ Register Now ]

Obviously, if you are afraid that this is a scam site, (like I will ever scam you guys -.-) Just use some random password that is NOT related to your facebook or your email. This is NOT linked to your facebook account.

Alrite, so basically after registering, you will start of with ONE lottery ticket. Do NOT SCRATCH IT!!

As shown in my screenshot, notice the ZLotto logo at the top left of the image. Right click it and open it in new tab. You can open as many tabs as you want depending on your browser. (If you have a scroll mouse, by default clicking the scroller will open a page in a new tab)
If you are afraid of crashing your browser, probably just do around 30 tabs. Now from 1 ticket, you have "30" to open =D

Now, just slowly open the lottery ticket in each tab. There are 9 squares. You can open 3 squares max. If you get an item in any of the 3 tries, congratulations! You can decide which game item to take. You can choose from Farmville, Mafia Wars, Petville or Yoville. Start collecting them all today!

Warning: It's not easy to win the lottery but with patience, there are actually people who have completed some collections.

R.C. Naturaleza Coin Hack (little cheat)

Some time ago I took the time to revisit this game, try to read your code and find something that would help some of the many emails I receive asking for help in this regard.
On this occasion, thanks to some small changes can get 30 additional coins per tree which would accelerate us to play a little coin collection associated with our restaurant
The method is simple and perhaps new to some, since the hex codes are no longer looking at "8 bytes" to be in "Array of Bytes" is basically a way of seeking the same thing differently.

The HEX to look for are the following:

This sequence is responsible of locating within the routine associated with the validation of coins on the trees and making the change to allow all these to play them pay us arbitrarily, only to be sought after touching even 1 tree. (See video post)

The other sequence is associated with the value in coins to pay the tree, the maximum amount payable is 30 trees save coins for us to do, so that the modification is to change the value "1" with "1E" ( 1E in decimal equals 30), it is important that each time you touch a tree with this intervention and move something from the floor made the restaurant so the game is saved and the coins are credited properly, taking into account that this addition to our collection is not visible at the time of the game because the graphics routines are not associated with the real value of our income as to view the total amount collected should only save your game and reload it.

- Cheat engine 5.5
- Firefox o Flock browser
- Adobe flash player 9

To be a little more understandable as always I leave a video associated.

PS Carreracoin Hack By patiniox

Well ... here again for presenting material which facilitates the entry of coins into our coffers, in this case for PS based on bets the stadium which will enable us to win 2000 coins yellow with just bet 5 since this intervention will be granted; payments to pets always losers at the rate of 1000 coins per runner.
It can be used several times in succession might be a good choice for a bot or a mouse recorder, the method is the classic 8 bytes and the HEX to seek what can be found when Pets are competitors in the starting line ready to start racing .
This hack does not add to our record race wins but if they can win trophies chekar line generated code that says "add eax, 00" and change the 00 for the number you want, for example if they do not want to win a trophy and 3 trophies together just enough to put "96" instead of "00" with that summary won 300 races and gain the 3 trophies in one run with their corresponding coins of course.
This hack is also applicable to normal races except that in this case would earn only 60 coins ...
Well ... I leave you with the video and the generator to the right of the blog as always, anything I have ... in the next issue and if I get time I will be explaining how to do to finish the race before reaching Pets the target and thus can raise money a little faster.

- Cheat engine 5.5
- Firefox o Flock browser
- Adobe flash player 9

Pet Society Level Hack Facebook work 14 september 2009

Here Is A simplified version on how to increase the level of pet society...

the code for hex is:840FFF85C12A0FF2

heres the catch...u need these things:

mozilla firefox

cheat engine 5.4

adobe flash player 9

need any help?pm me

1.Open Pet society
2.Open Cheat Engine firefox from the computer icon blinking in the cheat engine hex rick box
5.paste the hex code in the space given right next to the hex box 8 bytes from the Value Type Drop Down List "also scan read-only memory"
8.go to pet society and pass the ball 5 times
9.go to cheat engine and click "first scan"
10.right click the last address and click disassemble this memory region
11.right click the address which is highlighted and click "toggle break point"
12.go to pet society and go to food shop and buy an apple or anything
13.the game will freeze..don't panic just press alt+tab and go to cheat engine. on the 3rd address on the right column
15.enter 99999 in the box and press enter(not more than five nines!)
16.wait till u hear a sound
17.don't do any thing till u hear a sound or everything will be ruine